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New York City is the largest city in the United States and one of the world's major global cities. New York City is a center for business, finance, fashion, medicine, entertainment, media and culture, with an extraordinary collection of museums, galleries and performance spaces. It is also home to the headquarters of the United Nations and to some of the world's most famous skyscrapers.

The Questions :

Were is your guest house located?
Located in a Cosmopolitan residential area; we are between 101 & 102 Street on Lexington Avenue in Manhattan. We are in a very favourable residential neighbourhood and minutes walk from many Museums, Boutique Shopping, Central Park, and Restaurants. We are a 8 minute subway ride to midtown and a healthy walk (20-25 minutes)..

How far are you from all the Sightseeing areas of New York or Midtown Manhattan?
One thing for first time visitors to note is that sightseeing in New York is not central. Sightseeing is all over Manhattan and classed by area. For instance, in our area are all the Major Museums (list below). One thing to keep in mind is that no matter where you stay you should be close to a subway station. This makes seeing all that New York has to offer easy.

Our area's proximity to mid-town Manhattan, makes it one of New York's most desirable residential neighborhoods. What sets the Upper East apart from all other areas is its' closeness to Madison Avenue & Park Avenue. Madison Avenue is famously known as the world's premier shopping district for the finest food, opulent merchandise, luxury lodging and services available anywhere. Between 57th Street and 92nd Street, Madison Avenue is identified as “the fashionable road”. In this area is where most of the very well known fashion designers and upper class hair salons are located. Other areas may have their impressive retail strips, but Madison Avenue is the world's most famous retail address.

Park Avenue, has prominent astounding architectures, as well as great antique and painting galleries. The upper part of Park Avenue (around the 90's) is know for it's wealthy neighbourhood with landmark buildingsOne block over your have the museum mile, with all the major museums as well has Mount Sinai Hospital.

Our townhouse is located In Manhattan, a short walk from all of these areas. We are an 8 minute subway ride from Midtown Manhattan or a 20 - 25 minute walk. If you choose to walk there is great shopping along the way, great sightseeing and places to eat. There is great shopping on 86th street (within walking distance). Here you can find Gap, Banana Republic, Best Buy, Staples, Circuit City, Victoria Secret, Modells etc. On 59th you have the Major malls and brand name stores. The subway is also one block from our building.

Is your area Safe?
Our area is very safe. Some travelers find our area intimidating at first due to the huge mix of culture (White, Black, Spanish, Asian, German - American etc.) that they are not accustomed to. But, that is what you find when visiting New York. I always tell guests; " to find an unsafe neighbourhood in Manhattan you have to really be looking for it, and even then you cannot find it". New York in general is safe and just like your own hometown bad things can occur ANY place. Visitors to New York and our area will probably find it safer than their own hometown.

Why should I choose your guesthouse or area to stay?

Our guests choose our location for several reasons:

1. Midtown is very pricey. Staying at our guesthouse offers a budget accommodation allowing you to spend a little more on shopping or other activities. While at the same time having travel acces to many sights. We are to a degree Anti Times Square; we want our visitors to feel what it is like to live in a real New York City neighbourhood and still be close to everything.

Plus, there is a misconception that Times Square is the center of Manhattan. However, there is no center. All sights are all over the city. Times Square is great if you plan on doing many Broadway Shows and for a once in a while visit. So spread your wings - do not be afraid to vist the Upper East, Upper West, Midtown, Lower East, East Village, West Village, Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens etc.

2. Many guests (visiting NYC for the first time) look at a map of NYC and assume that it is huge and difficult to get around. It is actually the opposite. We walk everywhere and enjoy doing so. On every street there are lots to see and changes drastic. As one if not the safest cities in the USA; in NYC you will find something to do everywhere you go. A good reference point to remember is 20 blocks in NYC equals one mile.

3. Our guests want to see what it is like to have that feeling that they are "living" like a New Yorker. Unlike most hotels one of the favourite things for our guests to do is to sit on our stoop and watch the neighbourhood go by.

4. In our area there are a lot of ethnic (Spanish, Italian, Turkish, American etc.) restaurants. Several are on our guest favourite list. We are 2 blocks from central park, and 4 blocks from the Museum mile.

5. 2nd avenue below 100th street boasts numerous unique and affordable restaurants. (approx. 5 minute walk) From French, Irish, Germany, American, Italian, Indian restaurants to an assortment of fusion cuisine restaurants. The basics of this area is that it has restaurants and bars as far as the eyes can see. Our favorite thing to do is to walk down this avenue, read the menus posted outside, and when we like something, we dine.

6. There are only two owners who are also the innkeepers of this guesthouse. So we take pride in our building and we take care of our guests. We offer a personable atmosphere, and you have your full privacy.

What is the difference between your establishment and others?
Firstly, do not expect a hotel atmosphere. All units are located at our townhouse. All equipped with private baths and kitchenettes. (Yes! kitchenettes have utensils for cooking). Our units are arguably larger than the average hotel room. It is your fully furnished home away from home!

Either Jonathan or Clement (the owners) check you in, make you feel as comfortable as possible, answer your questions. Be it pertaining to places you want to go, areas you want to see etc. Guest can reach Jonathan & Clement very easily if they need information. They are in the building daily or according to the work load so you can catch them daily. If they are not there, then the housekeeper is there daily as well.

We try to make things as personal as possible. We basically try to offer something unique that you will never find in Manhattan. Thus enhancing your stay in New York. At any one time you will find an array of guests staying at our building. One floor will have French, another Dutch, another British. So diversity, truly makes the atmosphere of our building.

Where are the SuperMarkets?
1. Small mini mart located one building south of 1598 Lexington ave.

2. Major Super markets located on 103 & Lexington Ave. (Associated supermarket) or 96 & Lexington Ave (Associated supermarket)

3. Our favourite is the "Gourmet Garage" located on the corner of 96th & Park Avenue - we go there too many times!

Where are the "take out" food places so I can order in or pick up?
Menus for establishments are placed in your apartment along with the menus for "sit down" restaurants that we love in the area.

Where is there Parking?
If you choose to drive into the city there is free alternate parking on the street or unrestricted parking on the weekend.

There is also 2 secure parking lots one block south of our location. Parking rates vary between $16 to $20 for the day.


It is very very big task to name each restaurant in our area. We are less than 5 minutes from 3rd and 2nd avenues with restaurants and bars galore. We personally enjoy walking down either avenue and going into a restaurant spontaneously. You have affordable to the most expensive in this area. We will list a few of our favorites.

El Paso Taqueria:
Located on East 104 and Lexington Avenue. With two branches in El Barrio, El Paso boasts authentic Mexican cuisine prepared by authentic Mexican cooks who know how to stuff a tortilla with rice, beans and taste.(*Guests Favourite)

Lexington Pizza Parlour:
1590 Lexington Ave
(between 101st St & 102nd St) 
New YorkNY 10029
Apart from being one of our favourite restaurants on the block; our guests frequent this great establishment. Their friendly demeanor and creative approach to their plates make this an addictive place on our block.
(*Guests Favourite)

Joy Burger Bar(
Corner of 100 & Lexington Avenue
Good Luck if you get a table; , this little place packs personality and a punch..
(*Guests Favourite)

1649 3rd Ave | Btwn 92nd & 93rd St
(*Guests Favourite especially for Breakfast)

ABV Wine Bar (
1504 Lexington Ave

(between 98th St & 97th St) 
New YorkNY 10029
The vibe and look are more Brooklyn than Upper East Side, with brick walls, high ceilings, and antique wood; creative small plates seem like something out of Kings County (or maybe downtown Manhattan) as well. Chef Corey Cova worked at Momofuku and his fried-chicken bun is a clear nod to David Chang’s pork rendition; unfortunately, breaded chicken breast lacks the succulence of pork belly, and there’s not enough miso mayo to keep this morsel from coming off as dry. Fish tacos are more successful, plump nicely breaded chunks of fish of the day with guac and a kimchi slaw. For vegetarians, there's braised eggplant with rice cakes, and a veggie medley enlivens pillowy gnocchi, sweet and silky with brown butter. — Jenny Miller (




Barking Dog
1678 3rd Ave | At 94th St

Halal Indo Pak (Indian)
1750 1st Ave | Btwn 90th & 91st St

Table d'Hote (French)
44 E 92nd St | Btwn Madison & Park Ave

Gauchas Empanadas (Spanish)
1748 1st Ave | Btwn 90th & 91st St

Ottomanelli New York Grill (Steakhouse)
1424 Lexington Ave | At 93rd St (*Guest Favourite)

Yura & Company
1645 3rd Ave | At 92nd St

Sammy's Gourmet
1404 Madison Ave | Btwn 97th & 98th St

Pascalou (French/Itlaian)
1308 Madison Ave | At 93rd St

U Cafe (Mediterranean, Kosher)
1436 Lexington Ave | Btwn 93rd & 94th St

Sfoglia (Italian)
1402 Lexington Ave | At 92nd St

Zebu Grill (Brazilian, South American)
305 E 92nd St | Btwn 1st & 2nd Ave

Pio Pio (Chicken, Peruvian)
1746 1st Ave | Btwn 90th & 91st St

Corner Cafe & Bakery
1645 3rd Ave | At 92nd St

Merrion Square (Irish)
1840 2nd Ave | At 95th St


A Few of Our Favourite
"non local" restaurants:

(The Subway takes you to all)

Amma (Indian)
246 E 51st St
New York, NY 10022-6513
Phone: (212) 644-8330

Peri Ela (Eastern European, Turkish)
1361 Lexington Ave., New York, NY 10128 / nr. 90th St.

Quartino Bottega Organica
11 Bleecker St., New York, NY 10012
/nr. Elizabeth St. 

Five Points (American Nouveau, Mediterranean)
31 Great Jones St., New York, NY 10012 / nr. Lafayette St. 

(See Review Here)

Wild Spirits

1843 First Avenue

Hooligans Tavern
1804 Second Avenue

Kinsale Tavern
1672 3rd Avenue
(*Guest Favourite)

Coogan's Parrot Bay
1668 3rd Avenue

Reif's Bar
302 E 92nd Street


Tavern on First

1678 1st Avenue

Auction House
300 E. 89th Street

Biddy's Pub
303 E 91st Street

Cavatappo Wine Bar
1728 2nd Avenue

The Big Easy
1768 2nd Avenue

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Great Bars in the area

We are not only 2 blocks from Central Park
but also find the following in walking distance: -

Museum of New York City

212-534-1672 5th Avenue

Goethe House New York
212-439-8700 - 1014 5th Avenue (82nd & 83rd)

The Metropolitan Museum of Art
212-535-7710 - 1000 Fifth Avenue (82nd & 83rd)

Museum for German and Austrian Art
212-628-6200 - 1048 5th Avenue (85th & 86th)

Guggenheim Museum
212-423-3500 - 1071 5th Avenue (88th & 89th)

National Academy Museum
212-369-4880 - 1083 5th Avenue (89th & 90th)

The Jewish Museum
212-423-3200 - 1109 5th Avenue (92nd & 93rd)

  • Madison Avenue

    Whitney Museum Of American Art
    800-944-8639 - 945 Madison Ave Fl 5 (74th & 75th)


The Americas Society
212-628-3200 - 680 Park Avenue (68th & 69th)

Asia Society
212-288-6400 - 725 Park Avenue (70th & 71st)

  • 61st Street

    Colonial Dames Of America
    212-838-5489 - 417 E 61st Street (1st & York)

    Mount Vernon Hotel Museum & Garden
    212-838-6878 - 419 E 61st Street (1st & York)

    63rd Street

    Society Of Illustrators Inc.
    212-838-2560 - 128 E 63rd Street (Park & Lex)

  • 70th Street

    Frick Collection
    212-288-0700 - 1 E 70th Street (5th & Madison)

    82nd Street

    The Metropolitan Museum of Art Office Annex
    212-879-5500 - 6 E 82nd Street (5th & Madison)

  • 91st Street

    Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum
    212-849-8400 - 2 E. 91st Street (5th & Madison)


  • Located 2 blocks from Central Park;
    Marathon runners, Bike Riders,and sporty individuals will find the following sporting and bike rental places favourable.

  • 2nd Avenue

    American Spirits
    212-289-7510 - 1744 2nd Avenue (90th & 91st)

    1st Avenue

    Soccer Sport Supply Co Inc.
    212-427-6050 - 1745 1st Ave (90th & 91st)

    York Avenue

    New York Pipe Dreams
    212-535-7473 - 1623 York Ave (85th & 86th)

  • Island Sports Extreme
    212-774-1946 - 1623 York Ave (85th & 86th)

  • Adventure Scuba
    212-876-3483 - 1737 York Avenue (90th & 91st)

Madison Avenue

Beretta Sport
- 212-319-3235 - 718 Madison Avenue (63rd & 64th)

  • Urban Athletics
    - 212-828-1906 - 1291 Madison Avenue (91st & 92nd)

    Lexington Avenue

  • Super Runner's Shop at 1337 Lexington Avenue -
    212-369-6010 - 1337 Lexington Ave (88th & 89th)

  • Church of Scientology Celebrity - 212-288-1526 - 65 E 82nd Street (Madison & Park)

    Church Of St Thomas More - 212-876-7718 - 65 E 89th Street (Madison & Park)

    Church Of The Epiphany - 212-737-2720 - 1393 York Ave
    (74th & 75th)

    Church Of The Heavenly Rest - 212-289-3400 - 2 E 90th Street (5th & Madison)

    Church Of The Holy Trinity - 212-289-4100 - 316 E 88th Street (2nd & 1st)

    Church Of The Resurrection - 212-879-4320 - 115 E 74th Street (Park & Lex)
  • The Brick Church Parish House - 212-289-4400 - 62 E 92nd Street (Madison & Park)

  • Immanuel Lutheran Church - 212-289-8128 - 122 E 88th Street (Park & Lex)

  • Our Lady Of Good Counsel Chr - 212-289-1742 - 230 E 90th Street (3rd & 2nd)

    Park Avenue Christian Church - 212-288-0530 - 1010 Park Avenue (84th & 85th)

    Park Avenue Methodist Church - - 106 E 86th Street (Park & Lex)

    St Francis de Sales Church - 212-289-0425 - 135 E 96th Street (Park & Lex)

    St Ignatius - 212-288-6200 - 53 E 83rd Street (Madison & Park)

    St Ignatius Loyola Church - 212-288-3588 - 980 Park Avenue (83rd & 84th)

    St Sergius Orthodox Church - 212-534-1601 - 75 E 93rd Street (Madison & Park)